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4th International Conference On Victimology Proceeding

"The Role of Victimology in Protecting Cultural Heritage, Indigenous People and Diversity"

4th International Conference On Victimology & 5th Association Of Lecturers Of Victimology In Indonesia Annual Meeting : The role of victimology in protecting cultural heritage, indigenous people and diversity.

Ternate, November 13th-15th 2021

Cooporating with Faculty of Law Khairun University, Ternate ISBN: 978-623-93116-1-2

Publisher: Pengajar Viktimologi Indonesia


Dr. Angkasa, S.H., M.Hum. (Faculty of Law Jenderal Soedirman University) Heru Susetyo, S.H. LL.M. M.Si. Ph.D. (Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia) Dr. Nur Rochaeti, S.H., M.Hum. (Faculty of Law Universitas Diponegoro)

Faisal, S.H.,M.H. (Faculty of Law Khairun University)


Bayu A Wicaksono, S.H. Anang Riyan Ramadianto, S.H.


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Supporting The Rights Of Children Of Victim In The Criminal Justice System As Implementation Of The Best Interests For Children Ani Triwati, Nur Rochaeti

Early Detection Of Addiction Level Of Victims Of Narcotic Abuse In Cianjur’s Prison Trini Handayani

Legal Protection Against The Defendant On The Verdict “Onslacht Van Alle Recht Vervolging” Septa Candra & Achmad Kholidin Structural Victimization Analysis Of Women Trafficking Victims In Pekanbaru City (Case Study ON, DL, EE and YA) Kasmanto Rinaldi, Hilda Mianita & Sukardi State Responsibility And Community Participation In Fulfilling The Rights Of Women Victims Of Sexual Violence Nur Rochaeti, Ani Triwati New Criteria For Diversion For The Establishment Of Restorative Justice In Victimization Victims Mochamad Umaryaji, Yogabakti Adipradana Setiawan & Maria Prehatiningsih Utami Legal Protection Against Children Who Die Abandoned Parents Post Covid-19 Pandemic Ferdricka Nggeboe

Indonesian Migrant Workers as Invisible Victims in Cyber Crime Selamat Widodo & Astika Nurul Hidayah

The Construction Protection of Ransomware Victims Outside The Boundaries of Country with Legal Certainty Nurini Aprilianda, Faizin Sulistio & Ryan Ilham Fibriansyah

The Phenomenon Of Inmates Becoming Victims In Correctional Institutions Angkasa, Rili Windiasih & Ogiandhafiz Juanda.

Qualifications Of Expert Witness On Terrorism Commitment For Legal Currency Emmilia Rusdiana

Preventive Measures Against Potential Crime In The State Capital (IKN) Of East Kalimantan Rendi Susiswo Ismail & Wawan Sanjaya

Social Movement To Protect Victims Of Corporate Crime Againts The Environment In The Context Of Human Rights Zico Junius Fernando

Legal Empowerment Of Indigenous Communities In Supporting The Environment As A Green Victimology During The Covid-19 Pandemic Mella Ismelina Farma Rahayu, Anthon F. Susanto, Liya Sukma Muliya & Ande Aditya Iman Ferrary

Impact Of Structural Victimization On The Community Of North Maluku (Natural Resource Capitalization) Arisa Murni Rada & Astuti Nurlaila Kilwouw

Legal Protection Against Victims Of Enforcement Of Corruption Crimes In Indonesia Maman Budiman

Victimological Dimensions Regarding Legal Protection Of Women In Online Prostitution Cases

Deni Setya Bagus Yuherawan & Subaidah Ratna Juita

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