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4th International Conference On Victimology Proceeding

"The Role of Victimology in Protecting Cultural Heritage, Indigenous People and Diversity"

4th International Conference On Victimology & 5th Association Of Lecturers Of Victimology In Indonesia Annual Meeting : The role of victimology in protecting cultural heritage, indigenous people and diversity.

Ternate, November 13th-15th 2021

Cooporating with Faculty of Law Khairun University, Ternate ISBN: 978-623-93116-1-2

Publisher: Pengajar Viktimologi Indonesia


Dr. Angkasa, S.H., M.Hum. (Faculty of Law Jenderal Soedirman University) Heru Susetyo, S.H. LL.M. M.Si. Ph.D. (Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia) Dr. Nur Rochaeti, S.H., M.Hum. (Faculty of Law Universitas Diponegoro)

Faisal, S.H.,M.H. (Faculty of Law Khairun University)


Bayu A Wicaksono, S.H. Anang Riyan Ramadianto, S.H.


Halaman depan-daftar isi final
Unduh PDF • 361KB


Legal Empowerment Of Indigenous Communities In Supporting The Environment As A Green Victimology During The Covid-19 Pandemic Mella Ismelina Farma Rahayu, Anthon F. Susanto, Liya Sukma Muliya & Ande Aditya Iman Ferrary

Deni Setya Bagus Yuherawan & Subaidah Ratna Juita


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