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Become an APVI Member

APVI member rights:

  1. APVI members can attend and have voting rights in annual meeting activities, as well as National Deliberations;

  2. APVI members can be elected and have voting rights in the National Deliberation forum to become the Chair of APVI;

  3. APVI members can post their writings and thoughts on the APVI website related to the development of Victimology;

  4. APVI members can publish their writings in APVI's Scientific Journals, namely the "Victima" Journal;

  5. APVI members are entitled to an APVI membership card;

  6. APVI members will receive the latest updates on victimology developments in the form of sharing journals and books whose implementation will be determined later.

APVI Membership Fee:

  1. Mandatory Contribution per year: IDR 250,000 (Five Hundred Thousand Rupiah).  

  2. The cost of making a Membership Card is Rp. 100,000 (One Hundred Thousand Rupiah).


APVI Member Registration Flow:


Prospective Members make payment obligations  to:


  Account number  Mandiri Bank  1800-00-0887878-9 , On behalf of  Indonesian Victimology Lecturer,

Online Registration

Prospective Members fill out the online registration form at the link below while uploading a photo (for KTA), and proof of payment of dues


Prospective members will receive registration confirmation and the secretariat team will process the APVI Member Card making process

KTA delivery

APVI Member Card will be sent to the address that has been filled in the registration.

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