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APVI at a glance 

The Association of Indonesian Victimology Teachers is an association for teachers, lecturers, observers and practitioners in the field of Victimology (Science of victims) which was founded on September 19, 2016 based on  Deed of Establishment of the Association of “Indonesian Victimology Teachers” Notary Marifa Lestiana, SH, M.Kn Number 25 of 2016 and has been ratified by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights with endorsement from the Director General of AHU with the decision of the Minister of Law and Human Rights Number AHU-0006585.AH.01.07.Tahun 2017. APVI was established with the intention of:

  • To improve and develop the teaching of Victimology in Indonesia

  • Establish communication and interaction with victims of victimology in Indonesia

  • Coordinate victimology teaching groups

  • Means for discussion, dialectics and communication in the stage of developing the victimology curriculum

  • Provide input to the government and law enforcement regarding victim protection

APVI Logo Only.png

APVI emblem

The Indonesian Victimology Teacher Association has a symbol with several meaningful image elements, namely :

  • The three-cornered shield, symbolizing protection for victims in Indonesia, should be the main focus of the three main components, namely the community, academics and legal practitioners.

  • APVI writing, as a symbol of the identity of the Indonesian Victimology Teaching Association.

  • The Indonesia Map Silhouette , symbolizing that the National character of APVI with regional coverage and membership is spread throughout Indonesia.

  • The silhouette of people holding hands to form the letter V, symbolizing that APVI as a Victimology teaching organization has 2 interrelated roles, namely development, research, and learning of Victimology as a science and Implementation of Victimology as part of community service by participating in protecting victims in Indonesia.

  • Scales, That in carrying out every effort to develop APVI Victimology in the form of continuing to uphold justice as the highest law.

The Indonesian Victimology Teaching Association (APVI) is an association for secondary level Victimology observers  National in Indonesia which is a representative

at the World Society Of Victimology (WSV)


"To be the largest and foremost forum for teaching, developing and implementing Victimology in the Asian region"


  1. Developing international quality Victimology teaching materials.

  2. Open a scientific discussion forum for the scientific development of Victimology.

  3. Participate in defending and promoting the rights of victims. 

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