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Terms and conditions

The management of this website is fully run by the Indonesian Victimology Teaching Association (APVI) as a means of promotion and communication between members and the public. Users are advised to carefully read the terms and conditions before using this website. The terms and conditions below are a form of agreement between the user and APVI which may change at any time. Users of this site are deemed to have read, understood, understood and agreed to all contents in the terms and conditions below.



  1. The Indonesian Victimology Teaching Association (APVI) is an association organization recognized by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia with the Deed of Establishment of the Association "Indonesian Victimology Teachers" Notary Marifa Lestiana, SH, M.Kn Number 25 which has been ratified by the Director General of AHU with the decision of the Minister of Law and Human Rights Number AHU- 0006585.AH.01.07.Year 2017

  2. Users are parties who use APVI site services, including all parties who just visit this site.

  3. The APVI site is the teaching-association of and all of its subdomains.


These terms and conditions constitute a valid agreement between the user and APVI which governs the rights, obligations and responsibilities of each party in the use of this website.

Content Ownership

All content on the APVI site is owned and controlled by APVI. The content or material on the website pages, including but not limited to text, images, and icons used by APVI are obtained from free sources and are used solely for scientific development purposes and not for commercial purposes in any form.

Every communication including ideas, proposals and concepts sent through this site except for personal information such as name, email address, cellphone number will be treated as non-confidential communication so that it can be used and published by APVI without any compensation from APVI.

Links To Other Sites

This website may contain links or references to other websites not maintained by APVI for a particular purpose. APVI is not responsible for the content of the website and cannot guarantee that the content of the website remains the same according to its original function and purpose.

Limitation of Liability and Indemnity

APVI is not responsible for the contents of the content and any direct, indirect or damage caused by your access to websites controlled by third parties, including losses caused by software vulnerabilities provided by third parties used on this site and the contents content that has been altered by a third party illegally.

Usage Rights Restrictions

Users may download copies of material from this website for personal documentation purposes and for academically oriented organizations subject to copyright and proprietary notices.

Prohibition of Use

Users are prohibited from printing, copying, reproducing, parsing, transmitting, distributing, publishing, uploading, displaying, inserting, publicly displaying, changing or modifying the content of this site without consent  from APVI.

Users are prohibited from using this site or connecting to this site for fraudulent purposes or things that harm APVI or other parties.

Users are prohibited from using any device, including software that interferes with the normal operation of this site or perform any actions that may burden servers or other computer equipment, as well as providers of computer equipment and other internet services.

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